Franchise Opportunity Overview

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eBonds Mortgages, having operated since June 2004, is now providing select opportunities for both companies and individuals to acquire franchise rights within a particular area, or market sector. These Franchisees will effectively become strategic partners of the Franchisor. There are a number of potential partners, of whom the following are likely to form the mainstay of the franchise network:

eBonds Mortgages - Franchise Opportunity
Estate Agencies
Financial Consultants
Individuals who are well connected in their communities and in the business fraternity


What does a Franchise cost?
Franchises range from R25,000 downwards, and are dependent on a number of variables, including site location, set-up costs, equipment and existing infrastructure.

What return can I expect?
As in any business venture, there is no guarantee that it will be successful to any degree. However, eBonds Mortgages Franchise is confident that entrepreneurs who are willing to commit themselves fully to the success of the business, will reap the financial rewards, which can be substantial.

Monthly Subscription Fee

This is NO monthly franchise fee. The only cost you will incur is the small processing fee per bond application, approx. R165. Other than that there are NO other costs or fees.

A Partnership

eBonds Franchisees and Franchisors work together to encourage customer adoption of the service

Buyers and Investors in property will sign up for Home Loan presentations, either from hearing about eBonds directly or by the advertising of the service. The Franchisee has significant incentive to encourage its customers to sign up for eBonds, as it realises benefits for each customer enrolled, as well as amortizes fixed costs over a larger online customer base. In this way, Franchisees and the Franchisor are co-marketers and partners, both striving to encourage customer adoption of the service.